JMR Portfolio Intelligence

JMR Portfolio Intelligence is a consultancy providing a range of political risk and human rights due diligence services as well as customized training and education programs for organizations concerned about political risk or human rights consequences of their business activities.

JMR’s principal, John Richardson, has helped companies, organizations of various types with a wide array of specialized sustainability challenges to address the social risks and impacts of business development since 1997.

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Political Risk Analysis FP

Political Risk Analysis looks at non-financial factors that can contribute to the loss of revenues or assets of a business or other organization. My process for conducting a political risk analysis is to focus on potential social or governmental problems arising in a location where a business is operating and thereby identify the impacts on your company or organization and the probability that such impacts might have on your operations.

Within this context, I can provide clients with location specific analysis of human rights and other social factors that can contribute to business losses as well as harms to people impacted by the business activity. My services include:


Global Portfolio Monitoring and Screening

The importance of monitoring international investments is growing and this presents several challenges for investors in today’s global capital markets. JMR Portfolio Intelligence Global Portfolio Monitoring Service enhances long-term corporate value by providing institutional investors with comprehensive analysis, rating and engagement strategies for publicly traded global companies. Our service is intended to assist investment managers, pension funds and other institutional investors in ensuring that portfolio companies address key social performance factors and the geographic risk inherent in global operations.


Training and Education

JMR designs and delivers customized educational programs for individuals and groups. Programs centered on political risk analysis for professional staff as well as for executives, human rights in the context of business and human right due diligence processes are some of the educational programs available.